Our work process

We strive to provide advice and guidance on matters appertaining to our corporate and non-corporate, and personal clients in a timely manner as our core principle.

At Elliotts Shah, we begin working for our clients, allowing for formalities relating to checks and engagement required by law and our regulators, the minute our initial consultations conclude. We strive to provide timely advice and guidance with our clients best interests as our core guiding principle.

The Accounting world has, and continues to undergo, a major shift in the way work is undertaken. From a highly labour intensive profession in the 1960’s and 1970’s it shifted to mechanisation in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Since then software and hardware advances has accelerated the profession to take another level. Development of specialised software application programs, use of mobile devices, data storage capacities and processing are all providing a further shift in the profession.

At Elliotts Shah, with our in-house IT Manager, we continually update our computer hardware to handle and manage higher levels of data for processing and storage, linking where feasible with externally based computers, be it at HMRC offices of Companies House. Regular updates of software, also ensure that any statutory or regulatory requirements are handled swiftly.

For our ongoing clients, experience has taught us to begin planning the moment we sign off the previous period’s accounts and/or returns. We start by re-examining the problems faced in dealing with matters in the previous year, address issues. Once resolved, we move forward to address current and future issues affecting clients, using our dynamic and intellectually rigorous processes to ensure all problems are resolved and clients are able to focus on their core business without distraction.

Early planning is a key principle. Clients are notified of impending deadlines well in advance, allowing us to obtain any data that needs to be processed and produce any documentation needing client approval in a timely manner.

For new clients, our first meeting will outline the services we can provide to meet their needs and an estimation of cost of these services. We can undertake a full review and audit of the company’s finances or your personal financial affairs. Elliotts Shah aims to become part of a team that delivers positive, flexible and incisive advice besides ensuring that all compliance matters are dealt with efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Above all we will live up to our motto of ‘Trust, Transparency and Confidentiality’.

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